Our Core Philosophies

Completeness: Understand Medicine from Patient to DNA

Start with the clinical presentation of the patient who walks in the door. Explain their symptoms through the regional anatomy down to the tissue level, cell ultrastructure, biochemistry, proteins, and DNA with no gaps.

Think like a Doctor:
See the Patient - Who Walks in the Door?

Clinical reasoning requires identifying the chief complaint, narrowing down the differential diagnosis, and explaining the natural history. Always start with Age, Gender, Timeframe.

Clinical Medicine is Built on a Foundation of Basic Sciences

The biggest and hardest step to make in medical school is to shift from subject-based learning to patient-centered learning. There are no “subjects” …only patients. Focus on physician-relevant knowledge and de-emphasize rote memorization.
There is no easy way to learn medicine, but the process can be made orderly

Remember that you are not just studying for an exam. This is the best preparation for practicing medicine. You will be rewarded many times over for learning your Basic sciences the right way. As fourth year students will tell you, the best way to get ready for Step 2 is to get ready for Step 1.

Our Professional Team


Philip Tisdall, MD

Medical Director
Philip Tisdall, MD, award-winning teacher and published author, trained at the Mayo Clinic and is a diplomat of the American Board of Pathology (AP and CP). He is a dynamic and engaging speaker who helps students understand how to correlate the basic sciences and apply them to the essential thought processes of clinical medicine. Dr. Tisdall received his MD from the University of Alberta, where he was the recipient of the gold medal in surgery and the MacKenzie award for History and Physical examination. Students praise him for his insight and ability to make complex material clear and memorable.

Cantrell Head Shot

Angela Cantrell, PhD

Author, Contributor, and Editor
Dr. Angela Cantrell (Ph.D) completed her doctorate in Neuroscience at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and postdoctoral training in Neurophysiology at the University of Washington. Dr. Cantrell is currently an Associate Professor in the Departments of Anatomy & Neurobiology and Medical Education at the University of Tennessee Health Science. She was recently appointed as the Assistant Dean for the Preclinical Curriculum in the College of Medicine. Dr. Cantrell has been involved in Step 1 Board Prep for the past 5 years.

Dr. Mary Ruebush

Mary Ruebush, PhD

Director of Curriculum
Mary Ruebush, PhD, is one of the nation's most experienced instructors in Microbiology and Immunology for USMLE Step 1 review. Dr. Ruebush is the author of Becker’s Step 1 USMLE lecture notes in Immunology and Microbiology, and from 2000 to 2012 was the author of the Kaplan Step 1 Review Notes. Dr. Ruebush received her PhD from the University of Georgia and has taught Infectious Disease, Immunology and Pathology at Bowman-Gray Medical School, the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and Montana State University, where she received Outstanding Teacher of the Year.

Dr. Neeraj Goswamy - Professional Photo

Neeraj Goswamy, MD

Director of Clinical Sciences
Dr. Neeraj Goswamy is a board certified OB/GYN and works as an independent contractor for several companies. He was the author of the Becker OB/GYN review book and has significant experience in teaching medical students. He also gives OB/GYN lectures for the Osler Institute, where he teaches residents and attendings in preparation for the OB/GYN board exam. He has three other degrees including MPH, MBA, and MS in Informatics. He is also a fitness trainer and wrote a weight loss book, "The Medical Science of Total Body Transformation."

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Jack Wilson, PhD

Director of Anatomy
​Dr. Jack Wilson received his PhD from the University of Mississippi Medical Center.  He is a Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN, where he has taught all the disciplines of Anatomy for 45 years. He has received over 70 teaching awards and written 45 published papers, abstracts and books. Dr. Wilson has been active in teaching USMLE Step 1 review courses for Anatomy for over 25 years. Students have consistently recognized his ability to present Step 1 Clinical Anatomy in a concise way for success on Step 1.

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