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  • Flexibility – available whenever & wherever you want
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  • Emphasis on problem solving strategies (clinical reasoning)
  • Customized services for US and IMG graduates 

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Medical School Companion

Includes a premium membership to our online learning platform.

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Dr. Philip Tisdall

Recognized globally for Step 1 and Step 2 exam preparation.

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Re-discover your love of medicine with our enthusiastic tutors who will help you with test-taking skills, managing anxiety, and content retention.

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Featured Tutor Profiles

Philip Tisdall

Medical Director
Dr. Tisdall will teach you how to study more effectively & give you confidence on exam day.

Dr. Mary Ruebush

Mary Ruebush

Director of Curriculum
Dr. Ruebush will guide you with test-taking & study strategies proven to increase scores.

Dr. Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson

Anatomy Professor
Dr. Wilson has mentored thousands of students over his 45 years as a medical school professor.

Carlos Raj

Pathophysiology Professor
Dr. Raj makes medicine fun by adapting his teaching strategies to the needs of his students.

We teach you to think like a doctor

We focus on physician-relevant knowledge and skills, not remote memorization and trivia. There are no “Subjects” ..only patients.  Step 1 is becoming Step 2 and Step 2 is becoming Step 1, so you should focus your studies on a future in practice. Better doctors have more confidence and more success on the exam.

We teach you to study to completeness

Clinical medicine is built on a foundation of basic medical sciences. Completeness means understanding medicine from the patient all the way down to the molecular without any gaps. Memorization is no longer enough to succeed on Step 1;

We give you a problem-solving strategy

Clinical reasoning means understanding the clinical disease process & natural history of each disease. You need to develop an “approach” to a clinical scenario and a patient, as the exam becomes less about trivia and more about clinical vignettes. We give you confidence that you will 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our world-class faculty are passionate about teaching the next generation to be better doctors. In addition to live in-person, live online, and e-learning review courses currently provided to students around the world, we are now also offering 1v1 personalized tutoring so students can take advantage of our faculty’s mentorship and guidance. We customize our tutoring sessions to fit your needs by understanding your weaknesses and providing you content review, study strategies, and test-taking tips to improve your scores.

Tutoring takes places on videoconference software (Google Hangouts and Zoom), which provides students the flexibility to schedule sessions at their convenience and connect from anywhere in the world. Our E-learning platform is optimized for online learning and is very effective for multimedia presentation and interaction.

Our faculty’s test prep materials are recognized around the world as leading resources for medical licensing exam preparation. Included with your tutoring package is access to our entire E-learning suite, including e-books, videos, and questions to test your knowledge. Our tutors will bring this material to life for you by emphasizing a conceptual approach that focuses on physician-relevant knowledge and the clinical reasoning that forms the core of the current Step exams.

Students and faculty are paired based on compatibility and availability. We are happy to accommodate specific requests, where possible.

Students coordinate directly with tutors to schedule sessions, allowing you the flexibility choose the times that work best with your availability.

Yes, all sessions are recorded, and will be provided to the student so that they can revisit tutorials at any time

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