Cardiovascular System

Review the physiology, pathology and pharmacology of the cardiovascular system with an integrated approach that emphasizes clinical-pathologic correlation.


Learn the causes of congenital heart disease and heart failure through the heart’s anatomy, ischemia, homeostasis, arrhythmias, valvular disease and pericardial disease.


Learning Objectives

  • Clinical Pathologic Correlation of Heart
    • Describe the five commonest presentation of heart disease and correlate these to pathophysiology and diagnostic testing.

  • Heart Structure
    • Describe the structure of the heart, including regional anatomy, surface anatomy, internal structure, tissue architecture, cellular architecture (contractile & conducting myocytes), ultrastructure & proteins (actin-myosin interaction & calcium signal), and DNA.
    • Explain internal anatomy of the heart through short axis view and blood supply of the ventricular wall.

  • Heart Ischemia and Infarction
    • Correlate heart structure to cardiac symptoms.
    • Explain the keys of surface and internal anatomy of the heart through perfusion.
    • Describe the approach to Shortness of Breath by correlating the pathophysiology to history, P/E, imaging, and lab testing.
    • Describe the approach to Chest Pain by explaining ischemic heart disease (determinants of myocardial ischemia and tissue perfusion), atherosclerosis (stable vs. unstable plaque), Acute Coronary Syndrome (unstable angina, non-STEMI, STEMI).

  • Heart Regulation and Disease
    • Explain the regulation of blood pressure & volume and the sympathetic nervous system response to hypotension and related pharmacology.
    • Explain Congestive Heart Failure, including pathophysiology, left ventricular CHF, right ventricular CHF, natural history, and treatment.

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