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Right Ventricular Congestive Heart Failure – Edema


A 69 year old male with known congestive heart failure presents to his physician’s office complaining of swollen feet and ankles. On directed questioning he notes that he has also had vague right upper quadrant discomfort.


  • Describe the patient.
  • What is the chief complaint (is this a diagnostic problem or a complication) and its differential diagnosis?
  • What are the commonest causes of RV-CHF in adults?
  • Describe the pathophysiology of RV-CHF
  • Describe the clinical-pathologic correlation:
    • Symptoms
      • Swollen feet
      • RUQ discomfort
    • Signs
      • Pitting edema
      • Hepatomegaly with reflux
      • JVD
    • c) Testing
      • Laboratory
      • Imaging
      • Pulmonary artery diameter/pressure
  • Explain the findings to the patient


QU RV.CHF.edema (short version)



- right ventricular failure


- congenital heart:


- pulsus paradoxus