Pulmonary System

Review integrated physiology, pathology, and pharmacology of the pulmonary system, including lung diseases such as atelectasis, bronchiectasis, pneumonias, pulmonary vascular diseases, lung cancer, and asthma.

Philip Tisdall, MD · January 29, 2020

Learning Objectives

  • Clinical Pathologic Correlation of Lung
    • Describe the 2 commonest presentations of lung disease and correlate these to pathophysiology and diagnostic testing

  • Lung Structure & Function
    • Describe the structure of lung by correlating histology, P/E, infections, and pathology
    • Explain the alveolar-capillary membrane, including type 1 & 2 pneumocytes, diffusion (CO2 O2), edema, interstitium/fibrosis, and PMNs
    • Explain pulmonary function testing, including pathophysiology, imaging, air flow, lung volumes, and gas exchange
    • Review blood gases including pulse oximetry & PaO2, AaDO2, PaCO2, respiratory failure, and acid-base (pH)

  • Lung: Obstructive & Restrictive Diseases
    • Describe the pathophysiology, clinical-pathologic correlation and natural history of obstructive lung diseases: COPD (chronic bronchitis, emphysema, Alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency), asthma, and bronchiectasis
    • Explain the approach to smoking, including vascular effects, carcinogenesis, and pulmonary effect.
    • Explain the approach to restrictive lung diseases, including sarcoidosis, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and occupational

About Instructor

Philip Tisdall, MD

Philip Tisdall, MD, award-winning, teacher and published author, trained at the Mayo Clinic and is a diplomat of The American Board of Pathology (AP and CP). He is a dynamic and engaging speaker who help students understand how to correlate the basic sciences and apply them to the essential thought processes of clinical medicine. Dr. Tisdall received his MD from the University of Alberta, where he was the recipient of the gold medal in surgery and the Mckenzie award for History and Physical examination. Students praise him for his insight and ability to make complex material clear and memorable.

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