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  • Ed Dougherty

    July 10, 2020 at 10:25 am

    I cannot say there is one thing that works better than the rest. However, it is a series of small efforts that come together in a big way. A schedule, quiet environment, good resources, etc. are hard to find and surely take time and energy to organize alone. I found the best way to tackle everything in a consistent and motivated way was with a partner. Think of it like a gym partner, someone that may push you when you get lazy and vice versa. Furthermore, discussing concepts and rewording explanations with a partner is proven to help. This helped keep stress to a minimal level and grind away on our studies. I promise you it will pay off in the biggest way. If you need that “gym partner” please feel reach out to us. We have the energy, knowledge, and strength to push you to where you want to be!