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Home Forums Med School Chatter Exam Day "Cheat Sheet" Reply To: Exam Day "Cheat Sheet"

  • Philip Stone

    July 22, 2020 at 9:44 am

    Hey Noel,

    So in Med 1 I tried to do the cheat sheet thing on CAS 1. I remember attempting to draw the entire brachial plexus, but midway through I couldn’t remember anything. I continued to start the exam frustrated and worried I didn’t really know the content like I thought. I shortly realized that once I calmed down a bit and focused on the questions being presented I really did know it, and I was really only just working through the nerves. After that experience other than using the scrap paper to quickly calculate or draw a quick diagram (spirometry), I never used it again. Everyone os different in their test Taking strategy, that’s why we have a strong group of coaches to share their experiences as to what worked for them, and what they would’ve done hindsight.

    What are some unique ways you prepare for an exam?